Our Teachers

Garland Hume


Kauai Hot Yoga owner and director, Garland Hume, has over 11 years of experience teaching and practicing Bikram All Level Hot Yoga, Intermediate, and Advanced Yoga.  She graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2007.  She owned and directed two yoga studios in Richmond, Virginia for over 7 years before relocating to Kauai.  Her yoga studios in Richmond were voted "Richmond's Best Yoga Studio" each year she was in operation.  She also was awarded "Best Yoga Instructor" in the Richmond area.  

Garland has worked with students of all different body types, ages, injuries, and yoga experience.  She has a background as an athlete and coach and likes to make all our her yoga classes fun while helping her students improve.  She is also the Board President of USA Yoga, a yoga non-profit that promotes health, mindfulness, and fitness through the practice of yoga and sport.  

Garland is deeply passionate about yoga and mediation and loves sharing yoga with the Kaua'i community.

Whitney Bushnell


Whitney's passion lies with her integration of yoga into daily life, and sharing that journey with others. She is a natural born explorer who lives, learns, and loves around the globe, and seeks to live simply, with intention. Her goal is to bring people together to be physically, mentally and emotionally more attuned with themselves, creating a more present and fulfilling lifestyle for all beings.

Whitney has been practicing yoga for over 11 years and teaching for over 6 years. Her strong passion for yoga and music shows through her teaching & practice. She has been trained & certified in a wide variety of styles including, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapeutics, Buti Yoga & Barre. She keeps her classes light & fun and encourages all levels, body types & backgrounds to attend. Through yoga Whitney combines the practice of mindful awareness, breath (prana) & movement (asana) to optimize our holistic mind-body health & well being.  

Sara Colson


Sara Colson graduated Bikram Teacher training in the fall of 2007, and has been teaching ever since. Most of her time has been spent in Idaho, as well as Montana and Kauai.
She has recently returned to Kauai, and LOVES to teach. She teaches the Bikram series, as well as a progressive Class, which is playful and explorative.
The moment she found this powerful, healing series she was committed to be a lifelong practitioner.
Come join us with an open heart and a curious spirit! 

Marvin Nunez


Marvin Nunez has been practicing Bikram Yoga since the summer of 2003.  He began his practice as a way to heal old injuries but the Yoga ended up changing his life in ways he couldn't imagine.  He became a certified instructor in the spring of 2011 and has been loving and living the yogi lifestyle ever since teaching full time.